Welcome to our community!

Hey all!

This community is a little experiment to connect all of us who are constantly meeting up, swapping music gear back and forth, and sharing knowledge. I’ve met many of you in Vancouver over the years, and wanted to have a forum where we could buy, sell and trade gear. If you have a synth, sequencer, module, fx unit or something similar to sell or trade post it here.

Unlike other selling sites, I encourage you to just post the name of the item you have (one item per thread) with a price - that’s it. Skip photos and long descriptions. Make it easy. If you have 5 eurorack modules, just post each one in its own thread. Anyone can comment on your listing and ask questions and offer trades. Way nicer than getting another “Is it available” email.

To arrange a pickup, use private DM to connect each other, no need to share emails or phone numbers if you don’t want to. Or setup a public show and tell in a coffee shop and have people show up.